Choose Friends Wisely



“The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.” Proverbs 12:26

I went to junior and senior high school with a guy who shared the same birthday as I did. I always thought it was pretty cool we were born on the same day. One day I opened up the newspaper and saw his obituary. He died at age 24. One of my friends found out later that he had recently gotten involved with the wrong friends and died of a drug overdose. I was stunned. He was a good student in high school, athletic, and on the basketball team. How could this have happened? It’s been almost seven years since his tragic death, but it still saddens me today.

Our friends influence us. They can either build us up in Christ our tear us down in darkness and destroy us. Let us examine…

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No matter what others think of you, or you think of yourself, it doesn’t matter if you repent. Jesus thinks different of you, He Love’s You, enough to carry the cross and go through the pain and tears, with the suffering on the Cross for You!
  If you stop and think about what Jesus done for us as man here on earth many, many years ago and gave His life hanging on the Cross and died suffering for our sins. It doesn’t matter what we have done here on earth, but to ask for His forgiveness from your deep in Your Heart. Then lead the Journey with Him!
  Oh what a Journey it is.  I wasn’t perfect for sure, and I am still not perfect, for nobody but Jesus was the only human on earth that was perfect, and yet He also had trials and test.  We All learn more every day, and can get closer to Jesus ~ therfore get us closer to God.
  I had went down the wrong path many times,and I also kept going back and forth to Jesus ~ then one day I was at Church and Jesus let me know that He knew I have had a Love for Him in my Heart, but I needed to be closer, then at that time I gave my life to Him again, with everything I had in me. There’s more to my story, but right now I can say I’m very Thankful for listening to Jesus that day, for that was my last chance. There will be more to come later!
  Come back again to see what Jesus has me write!
  Just know that no matter how low you feel or others think, Your not ever alone, for Jesus is with you, every day and night!  Turn to Him and life can have more peace in yourself and with others, Give Jesus the chance and learn more about why He suffered on the Cross for You and Me!

God Bless and have an amazing night!
Melissa ~ AngelMD

The Photo was not made by me, I wish I knew who to give credit where due!


January 25, 2014

God is good. I had to have surgery yesterday, they took out my bottom teeth. The Dr. didn’t have to scrape near as much as he thought, HALLELUJAH.  They didn’t have to keep me over night, because God is Awesome!
  I will be around. I will be working on a piece .

I am very thankful for what people God has sent this way. I really pray you enjoy,  going to be a Lot more to come your way!
God Bless

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HE LIFTS US UP: TRUST… How to Trust Again?

In Jesus Name, Amen! ♡


 I dedicate this poem to all of you who have been wounded by those that you loved and your trust was broken.  Abuse, adultery, abandonment… all of these destroy the trust that we develop in others, even as children. I pray for healing for all of you and total restoration as you TRUST GOD with your life….

A simple word to most.
But hardly simple!
With pasts full of ghosts.

Simply done as a child.
But hardly simple,
when destroyed by vile.

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Talk to My Father


When the Enemy tries, really hard to get in your way of the day, or most importantly your time with Jesus. Then there’s time’s he tries to get into your mind and makes you think all kinds of bad thoughts and maybe even think it’s okay to do this or that and we know it’s the flesh, and that isn’t the way, we want to live, we want to live as close as we can to be more like Jesus ~ So the Best thing to say when the enemy comes your way is to “Talk to My Father” for Our Father will always win our battles when we let him.
  Thank you for listening and  I would appreciate if you are liking what I am doing so far to follow and keep the comments coming.
May everyone be covered by Our Father, In Jesus Name, Amen! ♡ Melissa

HE LIFTS US UP: My Hero: My Rescuer…

I couldn’t have said this any better. See this Hero, has done a lot of the same for me! He brought me out of guilt, and sorrow from all the abuse I had been through. I believe it’s time we all speak up about the abuse, and Our Jesus!


The topic of the day on WordPress has been HERO. So, I want to tell you about my Hero. You see, my Hero rescued me when I did not know that I needed rescuing. He showed up in miraculous ways when I needed Him.  He saved me when I was broken, bringing healing in my brokenness.  You see, many of us go through life stuck in our rut with abuse and brokenness as an accepted part of our life. But that is not what God has planned for us. He has a plan for each of us and they are plans for good, not for harm, to give us a future and a hope. God sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us and He came to save me again. He can and will do the same for many more too…

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